Butterfly/Bug Net – Great For Catching Bait On-The-Fly

Bait NetIt’s hard to beat live bait for catching fish. There are some excellent lures available but live bait has given me the best results. Worms, grubs and nymphs are a great choice but I find that at certain times of the year, hopping and flying types appeal to me and the fish.

In my pursuit of primitive and survival skills I have watched numerous survival reality shows and I’ve seen folks chase grasshoppers as a food source unsuccessfully while wasting precious calories in the process. One of the secrets of catching grasshoppers is that in the early morning hours the temperature is lower and thus the grasshoppers are slower. As the day warms up the grasshoppers are faster. This is where a butterfly net will give you a greater advantage over their accelerated evasion techniques.

Most towns these days have a “dollar store” that often have inexpensive nets for sale in the toy section. For a few dollars you can stock up on these “fishing” tools that you can store in your car, boat, or other convenient locations for easy access when spontaneous opportunities for fishing strike.

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