Survivaltek Contributes Article In Newsweek Magazine Special Edition “Off Grid”

Newsweek Special Edition Off GridThere is an increasing number of folks who have considered what life would be like outside the walls of civilized infrastructure due to catastrophe or simply because of their own personal desire to pursue it. To address this potential scenario, Newsweek Magazine has just published a special edition entitled “Off Grid” to help them become prepared for basic human survival using natural resources.

I was contacted back in December of 2014 by the Special Edition editor who had read my previous article on campfire construction and inquired about my interest in expanding that into an article for their next Special Edition. The purpose was to instruct folks how to take a flame generated from devices such as lighters, matches or ferrocerium and make a campfire in order to sustain it, enabling them to stay warm, cook, or signal as needed.

After some discussion I wrote the article with these goals in mind…

– the need for a campfire
– the principles of a campfire
– what materials to use and where to find them
– my “go-to” fire-lay
– other styles of campfires and their advantages
– ways to protect a campfire in different environments
– the need for safety precautions

The article is entitled “The Quest For Fire” and is found on page 12. This Special Edition has other helpful and interesting information that will make it a nice addition to the library of off-grid inquirers and enthusiasts. It will remain on the news-stands until April 7th.

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