Improvised Paper Box

Paper BoxWe “survival types” have different quirks. Because firecraft is my passion, things related to it draw my attention. For example, while passing through a conference room the other day I noticed an electric pencil sharpener. The clear plastic drawer revealed an almost full load of pencil shavings. This makes great tinder, especially for solar fire methods. It occurred to me that I could do a dual favor by emptying the drawer for the business and collect the tinder for me. The only hitch was that i didn’t have a plastic bag or other container with which to hold my spoils. It was closing time and personnel was scarce. I looked around the office for a paper cup or plastic bag but to no avail.

I recalled an article that I wrote entitled “How To Make A Poplar Leaf Basket” where I folded a leaf into a collection pouch, however now I was in an office environment so I figured that the next best resource would be a sheet of paper. For folks who follow origami, there are numerous ways to fold a box. As I folded the paper I just innovated as I went and you can see the results in the photo. Essentially I folded the paper in thirds to create creases then I pinched the corners inward and folded them over on themselves.

It has been said that “the more you know, the less you carry” and I think that applies to this scenario…”making do” with what you have. When you have a dull moment, give this “paper box” a try. You’ll probably find a better way but at least you’ll have the experience that teaches us so well and adds to our arsenal of survival skills.

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