Review – Survival Hax’s Roadside Emergency Kit

Survival Hax's Roadside Emergency KitI have had the opportunity this past week to review Survival Hax’s Roadside Emergency Kit. It boasts 92 pieces that fits into a 14″x6″x6″ zippered bag and It only weighs five pounds! Any kit is better than none but this one has been well thought out and provides solutions to a number of emergencies. Although their website product page lists only 2 categories, “supplies” and “first aid”, I like to think in terms of these alternate categories with the associated contents and quantities:

- Road Specific Tools -
Jumper Cables x 1, 9 Foot Tow Rope x 1, Tire Pressure Gauge x 1, Glassbreaker/Seatbelt Cutter Tool x 1, Reflective Warning Triangle x 1, Reflective Safety Vest x 1

- Other Tools -
Flashlight x 1, Fire Starter Flint x 1, Emergency Whistle x 1

- General Supplies -
Bungee Cords x 3, Cable Ties x 15, PVC Tape x 1, Gloves with grippers x 1, Rain Poncho x 1, Light Sticks x 2, Long Candle x 1

- First Aid Kit -
Gauze Pads x 4, Band-Aids x 20, Alcohol Prep Pad x 6, Tourniquet x 1, Antiseptic Wipes x 4, Scissors x 1, First-Aid Tape x 1, Metal Tweezers x 1, Mylar Blanket x 1, Elastic Bandage (small) x 1, Elastic Bandage (large) x 1, PVC Gloves x 1, Triangle Bandage x 1, Cotton Balls x 5, Safety Pins x 6

Here are some of my observations, opinions, and suggestions:
– Both zippered bags can be used as another resource for improvising.
– The roadside kit’s zippered bag has reflective tape on it’s sides and can be used at night time in conjunction with the Reflective Warning Triangle.
– The multi-tool is actually a knife that is similar to a Swiss Army Knife® with eleven different blades/tools, not to be confused with a Leatherman® or Gerber® multi-tool.
– Some items such as the towing strap can be stored in a seal-able plastic bag to keep contained and easily viewed for their use.
– As illustrated in the photo, the towing strap actually works… adequate for pulling a vehicle out of a slick mud spot or across the yard but perhaps not for more vigorous towing.

This kit is a huge resource for a variety of needs but I would like to suggest a few more items that could be added to the kit:
– Small roll of Duct tape, Notepad, Pencil/Pen, travelers tissues or toilet paper, flintwheel lighter, space blanket.

Kit Tow StrapIf you’ve ever tried to build an emergency kit or go-bag you probably noticed how expensive it is to buy it’s individual elements. In addition, finding an adequate container for it all can be a challenge and add to the expense. What amazes me is that all of the items listed above fits in such a compact package and for a very reasonable price. However I have wonderful news! At the time of this review, Survival Hax has offered for my readers an incredible discount of $25.00 off of your order!!

Normally my reviews are just for informational purposes but I consider this kit in conjunction with this discount offer to be an outstanding value. You may want to consider purchasing kits for all of your vehicles or as gifts for your loved-ones. This kit goes a long ways in helping you to be prepared for roadside or other unexpected emergencies.

As for the $25 OFF discount code, Survival Hax has provided these instructions:
1. Go to
2. Search for “survival hax roadside kit
3. Add the ‘Roadside Emergency Kit with Jumper Cables’ to your shopping cart and then checkout.
4. On the last screen where it says “enter a discount or promo code” use discount code OFROAD50

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