Expanding My River Travel Experience

Maiden Voyage Blue Kayak LaunchSince my last kayak trip down the river my two sons have acquired their own kayaks as well. I’ve always been an advocate of the “buddy” system from my early SCUBA certification days as well as during my later Assistant Scoutmaster days. I did make a solo trip at the local reservoir (Kayaking On The Reservoir) where the water was calm and stable but the buddy system can provide an extra measure of safety with the the side benefit of sharing the adventure with a friend.

In truth the river waters that I have traveled have been easy-going with enough action for the beginner that I am to learn how to navigate. The waters have been shallow enough with rocks often enough to occasionally get hung up and I’ve had to learn bow to get loose to remain afloat.

Riverside Animal TracksAlong with the action of the waters each trip offers awesome scenery. In my region it’s not uncommon to see squirrels, great blue herons, kingfishers, mallard ducks, Canadian geese and various song birds. Occasionally we have seen beavers, otters, snakes and deer. I think that the tracks left in the mud shown in the photo may well be otter spoor. what do you think?

In addition to the enjoyment of being on the water, kayaking and canoeing provide another mode of transportation that can be used in an emergency. It can be used for egress or simple transportation from place-to-place… perhaps to otherwise inaccessible places for safety. I’m preparing for a camping trip via kayak this Spring/Summer with eager anticipation. I’ve acquired a dry bag but I may need more. I’ll be sure to share that experience with you!Reddies River With My Sons

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