Improvised Bug Bait Box

Improvised Bug Bait BoxMy friend and I set out to do some fishing at a local pond but left without live bait. The plan was to catch some grasshoppers in order to catch small brim in order to catch some bass. We could see that there were grasshoppers available in the adjacent field but we needed a way to collect a number of them once they were caught. We didn’t have a bait cage or container that can be often found at a bait shop or sports section in a box store so we needed to improvise a container for our grasshopper collection.

I began a search around our location for resources with a thought toward cups but then I spotted an empty water bottle and an idea began to emerge. If I could cut the bottle three quarters of the way through where the cylindrical body meets the neck, the remaining attached plastic would act as a spring loaded hinge. The top could be tilted back in order to load the catch and the top would spring back to a closed position.

The improvised bug bait box worked wonderfully. Once we caught a sufficient amount of bait we headed over to the pond and were able to fulfill our goal of catching the brim and ultimately the bass.

For Ebook readers…
I am pleased to announce that I have written an eBook entitled “Fifty ways to make survival tools from trash and household items“. It is a valuable collection of survival tips, tricks and “how-tos” that can be viewable by eReader on your smart phone, tablet, or laptop. This format will allow you to learn these techniques at your leisure apart from dependence on WiFi or the internet.

Book Cover - Fifty ways to make survival tools from trash and household items
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