Conceal Or Reveal? What To Wear Outdoors

Conceal Or Reveal ClothingDepending on your outdoor activities, it is important to consider what to wear. Besides dressing for the climate, you may be involved in activities where it may be strategic to be seen or not. Hunters often choose to use camouflage in order to hide from their prey but when pursuing activities that might involve risk or potential danger it may be wise to be visible.

In my neck-of-the-woods one of the popular fashions is camouflage clothes because they are used so often by the hunting community here. And who doesn’t like blending with nature?! There is such a variety of clothing that feature different seasons. However, if there was any potential of becoming lost or injured and immovable, it would be more difficult to be spotted by rescuers. An exception might be if the hunter was wearing blaze-orange gear that increases their visibility to other hunters and could help rescuers as well.

When I go kayaking or canoeing I wear bright clothes so that in an emergency I can be spotted more easily by rescuers. In the worse case scenario, if I were to drown my body could be more easily spotted for recovery. For similar reasons outdoor tools are often marked or manufactured with bright colors so that they are easily seen when placed or dropped onto the ground (see Lost Or Found).

So, your clothing can serve a number of functions, whether for insulation, comfort, or style, but it can also be used for a measure of visual safety as well.

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2 thoughts on “Conceal Or Reveal? What To Wear Outdoors

  1. I would open carry if doing outside stuff since you never know what might come up at you and you need a fast draw.
    If I had to go into town then I would conceal carry.

  2. The point of the article is visibility, to blend or stand out. With today’s trend in second amendment rights “conceal” has a different meaning…

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