Metal Straw Blowpipe

Metal Straw BlowpipeWhen I am “out and about” shopping for groceries and such I often find things that can be used in potential camping and survival scenarios. I happened to come across a collapsible compact drinking straw. I remembered how I had used a hollow stem for a straw (see “Natural Straws…“) in the past but this metal straw came in a kit with a collapsible cleaning brush in an aluminum “pill case” that could be used for other purposes.

This kit was small and light weight and could easily be carried when out in the field. I had to try it out. I built a small fire that I let burn down and revived it by blowing onto the remaining few embers. For those who make fire-by-friction, they are aware that building the ember is the path to a flame so a tool that supplies oxygen can give you an advantage in this process.

In days past, when fireplaces where a feature in a home, large blowpipes were often used (see “Fireplace Blowpipe”). This was a larger scale tube that offered help from a more convenient distance in a contained fireplace setting. But in the event that you don’t have a tube it is nice to know an alternate method using The “Carolina Diamond” Airway Blowing Method.

In the world of firecraft, it can be a “life saver” to know different methods to create and maintain a fire, so next time you go shopping look for a metal straw to add to your tools of the trade.

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