Backup Bow Saw

Bow sawWe are blessed to have the conveniences of power tools in this day and age, but there was a generation that used only manual tools. Recently I was able to fell a dead oak tree using a battery powered chainsaw. A few days later a friend cut it up using a gas powered chainsaw. When he came to the stump, his bar was too small to completely cut trough. I have a 3 1/2 foot bow saw that could easily span the stump width so that I could saw on the core that remained.

I learned that it helps to have a wedge behind the blade to prevent blade pinching and also having sharpened teeth that can make a significant difference.

Although it takes a lot of effort, it works and doesn’t require batteries or fuel to operate. In fact, I keep a short bow saw in my car to clear debris that blocks the road occasionally after a storm.

I guess that I have found bow saws to be an asset on numerous occasions including when camping to gather and manage firewood and also to make impromptu shelters.

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