Duct tape craft – wallet

20220909_101951Recently I was visiting my extended family and was surprised to see that my Niece pulled out a wallet made of duct tape! Apparently she learned from a friend how they were made and over the years became proficient in their construction.

I inquired about what motivated her to use one and her response was that it was inexpensive to make, easily repairable, and somewhat a renewable resource.

This made a lot of sense. Duct tape is such an amazing resource, and any prepper generally keeps some in their provisions.

She demonstrated how to adhere 5 layers together to form the outside and 4 layers to attach on the inside, allowing the outside edges to fold over inward to create a sealed edge.

Duct tape is so versatile that additional pockets or flaps can easily be added. Her wallet is quite durable and easily repaired.

This wallet is just a sample that illustrates the many crafts that can be fashioned i.e. cups, straps, cordage, etc.. Please leave comments on your crafts and other ways that you have used duct tape.

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