Microfiber Washmitt Lure

MicroFiber LureI have often looked at different materials with which to improvise a fishing lure. I saw a post with the suggestion of using a microfiber washmitt for this purpose. The chenille microfiber looks like sea anemone tentacles of which one could be cut off to mount on a fish hook. I decided to take this to a test.

A trip to the local dollar store provided the mitt so I removed one of the many protruding parts and attempted to attach it to a fish hook like I would mount a worm, but as similar as it looks like a worm, it is not hollow but rather a fuzzy string. The tip of the hook could pierce some of the fiber so it had to be in effect woven throughout the length as illustrated in the photo.

Microfiber Lure CatchTo my delight a large pan fish took the bait and I landed it easily. Because of the tenuous attachment to the hook the fuzzy fabric came loose in the process but of course it’s purpose was fulfilled and the task was accomplished.

These microfiber washmitts come in different colors and are very affordable to experiment with. You might not normally pack a washmitt in your gear but it might not be a bad idea to clip a piece off of the mitt for backup to natural bait or lost lures on a fishing trip.

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