Carrying Can Openers

Can OpenerI keep food pouches in my Bug-Out-Bag because of the slender profile and ease of opening but I keep in mind that there are times when canned goods may be needed that have been stored in a cache or may be acquired during a brief stop at a convenience store gas station.

Canned goods require some way to be opened. Many cans now have pull-top rings that make it easy to open but not all cans are manufactured that way. The majority of food cans have plain metal lids. The smart move is to have some openers available on hand.

There are kitchen style hand operated models that can be stored along with the canned goods but if you’re on the go, something portable is advisable. I carry a P38 on my keychain and a P51 on another, but I also have an integrated opener blade in my Leatherman that I use quite often. Some folks use a Swiss Army Knife.

Without a can opener more drastic measures can be used to open a can such as punchering the lid with a field knife or by grinding off the lid’s rim by rubbing it on concrete. That’s why I keep one as an “Every-Day-Carry” and recommend that you find one that works for you.

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