Single Tree Hammock Hang

Single Tree Hang
Not all camp sites are conducive for hammock camping. Two trees or anchor points are typically needed. In a previous article I illustrated a hammock boom hang. I decided to try a different method of using just a rope, a tree, and a stake.

I found a tree with two branch stubs and threw my rope over the first one then walked around the tree to cast the rope over the other, then I placed a second cast over the first one again for a more secure anchor in case those stubs were weak. I tied off below about four feet above the ground.

Rope Wrap
I clipped the hammock’s carabiner at my tie-off on the tree trunk then stretched out the hammock and wrapped the rope three times within the hammock’s other carabiner. I anchored off the rest of the rope about fifteen feet away.

The rope always stretches a little after initial or continued use and should be re-tightened as needed. Because the hammock staked end tends to hang lower, staking that end on an uphill side would be helpful for a more level hang.

In the end, this illustrates another option that can enable you to set up a hammock in difficult circumstances.

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