Fuzz Sticks

Fuzz StickFuzz sticks can be both fun and frustrating to make! On various websites there are many masterpieces that have been posted. They remind me of flint knapping sites that show magnificent work of craftsmanship and then there are posts of those who are just beginning that craft. It exemplifies that practice makes perfect.

The purpose of fuzz sticks is to reduce kindling into tinder, from sticks into shavings for easier ignition by flame. This can make a significant difference when building a campfire.

A sharp knife is the key to success. There are basically two approaches… pushing the blade into the wood that we call “carving” – or – holding the blade in a fixed position while pulling the wood into the knife’s edge. Both methods have merit and basically boil down to which method gives you more control. Of course I recommend that the blade faces away from you.

Making fuzz sticks is a good skill to pursue and can be a critical element when resources are limited when creating a campfire. Feel free to share your experiences and advice for success.

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