Plastic Bags As Bellows

Plastic Bag BellowsSometimes we can expend ourselves blowing on coals to create flames or perhaps trying to inflate camping gear. With a little ingenuity a bellows can be improvised from plastic bags alone or with enhancements such as plastic water bottles and duct tape.

The plastic bag approach can be used in two different ways, as an air bucket or when modified as an air funnel.

When used as a bucket the bag can be held open while scooping air into it then quickly closing the open end. That end is held closed by one hand and directed over coals or at the inlet of a Dakota Hole. The other hand presses the bottom of the bag while the open end of the bag is carefully released.

Plastic Bag InflatorAs a funnel a plastic water bottle can be cut around the middle circumference and the bottle’s neck can be poked through the bags bottom corner where it can be affixed with duct tape. The neck can be held or taped onto the inflation or exhaust port on an air mattress or raft.

When the open end of the bag is spread open it automatically fills with air, then when it is closed quickly by hand it can be pressed closed to begin inflation. There is a commercial version called an “inflation bag” or “pump sack” that is used to inflate pack rafts.

In any case plastic bags can be a helpful tool while camping and should be considered as part of your provisional gear.content/uploads/2009/05/survivalteklogoanimated.gif”>

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