Ziptie Patches In Emergency

Zip Tie RepairWhether on road trips, remote work days, or camping, I enjoy bringing my stainless steel thermos to store my hot or cold beverages. On one of these occasions I unknowingly melted a small hole on the side of my cup lid (Most likely too close to one of my firecraft demos.)! I was dismayed and at the time was thinking about doing an epoxy repair once I returned home. That project was put aside until it surfaced recently.

Instead of using epoxy to patch my cup I recalled a previous post of mine “Melted Drinking Straws Make Emergency Adhesive” and wanted to expand on that approach. My cup was made of black plastic that spurred the thought that I had a black ziptie among my gear. I would try to lite it and drip along the hole’s edge performing a “build up” as I circled inward to close the hole. It was a success! I used my knife to smooth the surface once it cooled for a more esthetic repair.

In the world of survival and preparedness it’s good to know a variety of approaches to emergency situations and hopefully this hack will be another tool in your collection of solutions when needed.

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