What survival tips do you have?

One of the joys of hosting Survivaltek is hearing from visitors. And among the contacts that are made, there is a wealth of information about survival techniques. Within the area of survival, subjects may include primitive living skills, disaster preparation, and
off-the-grid living which span wilderness to urban settings.

I would like to encourage my readers to contribute their experiences and knowledge. This may be done by the “comments” feature of each blog, or by sending email to info@survivaltek.com. For those exceptional ideas that I decide to expand on and highlight in my blog, I will credit the contributor by initials and location and send a free wallet magnifier that I use as a solar fire-starter as a “thank-you”.

So, what nuggets of survival technique do you want to share? We’ll be waiting to hear from you.

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One thought on “What survival tips do you have?

  1. you can use a pecan and lighter to create a good fire.The oil in the pecan keeps burning for some time.I know a lighter is kinda cheating but i smoke.Plus you can’t keep a lighter lit in the wind or hold it lit long enough to get a good fire going.The pecan oil gives you time to build a nice fire.

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