Winter Travel

If you must travel during a winter storm, store an emergency kit in your vehicle that includes: blankets, a flashlight and portable radio with extra batteries for each, a first aid kit, battery booster cables and flares, a road map, a sack of cat litter (for tire traction), a tow rope, bottled water and non-perishable high-energy foods such as granola bars, extra clothing to keep dry, emergency candles and a windshield scraper and brush. If you slide into a ditch where the snow is deep you may not be able to open the car so have all survival gear in the passenger compartment and not in the trunk. In these situations, with the car being snow bound, carbon monoxide can wind up in the passenger compartment so consider instead using a candle inside of a tin can which will provide both heat and light. Of course, a cell phone can be invaluable in obtaining help in the time of any emergency, so make sure that it is charged before departure, and equip your car with the appropriate charger for extended operation.

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