Sealable Plastic Bags

Sealable plastic bags go way beyond keeping sandwiches fresh. They are a transparent water tight container that comes in various sizes and thicknesses. I prefer freezer bags because they come in a thicker material and are much more durable. Extra bags carried in a “Bug-Out-Bag” can come in handy. Here are some uses…

– For water proof storage: Packing clothes and other items inside plastic bags within your backpack or luggage will help sort and retrieve things more easily. The contents will stay dry if you drop your pack or bag in water or are caught in the rain for an extended period of time.

– To expedite travel bag inspections: When traveling by public transporation where security inspections take place your luguage contents can be easily inspected by security personnel and will remain intact. I keep non-approved items in a separate bag so that it can be easily removed and left behind before-hand, however, it remains in my bag if I travel privately.

– As a clothes washer: A large bag can be partially filled with water with a bit of soap. Next, insert a few clothes items that need washing. Gently toss the bag from hand to hand to agitate. Clothes can be rinsed the same way with plain water.

– As a canteen: Water can be carried in a sealable plastic bag that when opened at the corner provides a spout from which to drink. It can be placed inside a second plastic bag for an extra measure of protection against leaks. For transport it can then be kept inside a cloth bag or pocket, providing it with support and added insulation.

– As a cooler: A bag filled with ice can keep it’s contents cool for many hours. This works best with sealed items like cans or bottles.

– As an ice pack: A bag can be partially filled with water and frozen around an object or instead you can just fill it with ice.

– As a funnel: You can cut a tip off of the bottom corner and pour contents into the top. This has worked successfully for adding gasoline into a car tank in a pinch.

– As a tinder carrier: Keeping tinder dry could prove to be critical when traveling in a survival situation.

– As a water lens for making solar fire: By filling the bag with water, squeezing out the air, and forming it into a ball, you can focus light on a sunny day well enough to start a solar method fire (yes, I’ve done this…).

– As a fishing float or buoy: You can attach a fishing line or anchored line to an inflated bag to either fish or mark a spot for submerged items.

Perhaps you have used sealable plastic bags in other travel or emergency situations. Please leave a comment from your experiences.

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