Ear Plug Fishing Bobber

In an earlier blog “Soda Straw Bobber – DIY Fishing Float” I described how to make a bobber out of a soda straw and illustrated it with a video posted on the Survivaltek Youtube Channel. It works remarkably well but I have since tested a different material that does not require any tools to make. It is a moldable foam ear plug. In many respects it looks and acts like a bright orange marshmallow but it doesn’t melt like one when it gets wet.

To fasten the ear plug bobber to your line, push the hook through the flat top-end and out the rounded bottom-end. The ear plug will initially squish down in size as you push the hook through it but don’t worry, just wait a few moments and the material self inflates to it’s original size and shape. The ear plugs are limited in buoyancy but can be ganged up as necessary to float heavier bait. A single earplug is adequate for suspending a worm. The earplugs generally come in fluorescent colors so it’s easy to spot on the water. You can adjust the distance of leader by sliding the earplug up or down the line.

There’s no question that a manufactured bobber works best, but in a pinch the earplugs can accomplish the task. Give it a try and write your results in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “Ear Plug Fishing Bobber

  1. Im fixing to try using the yellow foam earplugs as bait. I have some soaking in menhaden fish oil. I remember as a kid we would catch fish with a piece of corn so recently I thought of the yellow earplugs soaked in fish oil should work better

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