Surviving In The Great Outdoors

“Surviving In The Great Outdoors” was the promotional description of a class that I taught at the Wilkes County Public Library. It was part of the Library’s Outreach Program that offers lectures and classes on a free basis to the Community and is generally held in the “Friends of the Library” conference room on the first level at the facility.

Although many people think “Wilderness” when they think “Survival” but actually, as evidenced by the recent “Super Storm Sandy”, survival can also mean “Urban” when the power goes out and water supplies are disrupted or questionable. The good thing is that survival techniques can be applied in various situations with the purpose of saving lives.

The 1 1/2 hour class consisted of a Power Point presentation accompanied by tools and improvised items to illustrate various points. I was able to demonstrate a few firecraft techniques that were brief with little or no smoke so as not to set off the smoke alarms. I also cooked an egg using hand sanitizer for fuel as illustrated in my video “Bottle Cap Burner Really Cooks!“.

In the end, we had a good time and made new friends. It was a Saturday morning well spent.

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