2013 Inaugural Survivaltek Class

Whereas I have offered a multitude of classes as a Public Service to various groups and organizations over the years I finally held a fee-based class, fulfilling a desire to earn income while pursuing my passion. It was a modest group of very attentive students who braved a rainy morning to join me in a sheltered picnic area. In this case the benefit of a small group enabled me to be more inter-active and I could give more personal attention to each student’s training.

Early in the morning, in preparation for the class, I scoured my yard for edible plants and found seven different varieties that we were able to handle and taste later that day. After initial orientation the class began with a Power Point presentation where we discussed survival priorities, shelters, water acquisition and purification, edibles, and firecraft. The presentation was followed by hands-on activities.

I found that my passion for these skills will need to be tempered in length in order to allow more hands-on time for the students. It is my belief that their own personal experience will have higher impact on comprehension and skill development. During the hands-on portion each student was able for their first time to successfully use a ferro/mag bar to make a fire. I was also able to demonstrate other firecraft methods such as traditional flint and steel along with more modern adaptations. We also examined a water distillation set-up made from house-hold items.

It’s rewarding to be able to pass on the mantel of preparedness to others and in the process make new friends.

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