First Aid And CPR Training

First Aid Spinal Axis TransportAn important part of being prepared for emergencies is the knowledge and skill of administering First Aid and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Right next to the top of my survival priority list (the top item being removing yourself from eminent danger) is the importance of treating any injuries that have occurred. It’s important to have both the knowledge AND the experience of practice.

As part of my job requirements I attend First Aid and CPR classes bi-annually for certification. Because of the public/corporate environment there, other segments included are the operation of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and Emergency Oxygen Administration. In the photo I am practicing how to transport an unconscious person out of harms way by moving them along their spinal axis to avoid possible injury.

In my case the fees involved for these courses are covered by my employer as they are part of my job requirements but some companies have instituted a safety training program at their workplace and seek volunteers for training. This may be your opportunity to gain knowledge and experience so that you can be prepared to help yourself, family, friends, and your community in the event of medical emergencies.

Some folks who are reading this are already certified or may have been certified in the past. As in any field of endeavor there are always changes and improvements. If you fall in the category of “previously certified” you may want to consider enrolling in a current class to become familiar with updates and perhaps clear the fog of time and fading memory. There’s no substitute for “hands-on” learning for clarity and confidence.

First Aid and CPR courses are developed by organizations such as Red Cross, American Health & Safety Institute (ASHI), and American Heart Association and may be offered online or at different locations such as YMCA, Red Cross centers, Colleges, your workplace, or other Public Service organizations. It’s a great investment of time and money for the ability to save lives, including yours!

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