An “S”biner Solution

"S"biner HarnessOn most airplane trips I pack light and have one “personal item” much like a diaper bag and one “carry-on” luggage like a gym bag. My reasoning is that I am not charged extra for luggage and they cannot be lost like those that are “checked-in”. My “personal item” is actually my “Go-Bag” that is equipped for urban “survival” and contains various TSA approved devices, minimal toiletries, a set of under-garments, essential electronics, and some creature comforts… basically enough supplies for a couple of days until “checked-in” luggage could catch up or so that I could make other arrangements. My “carry-on” luggage contains full sets of clothes, larger toiletries, shoes, etc. with room for incidentals. Each bag has slings or straps for over-the-shoulder carrying. I can loop each strap over my head to carry the items diagonally across my chest for security or hang the straps on each shoulder for convenience or expediency. The problem is that I have sloping shoulders and the straps tend to slide off, especially when I’m in a hurry while hustling between terminals trying to connect with my next flight.

In a previous article (No hook… no problem…) I shared the use of an “S”biner as a hook for my bags on a restroom stall wall. On a recent trip I discovered another use. By connecting each of the luggage straps together with the “S”biner on my back side I was able to create a harness that kept them from sliding off of my shoulders while I controlled the front side with my hands.

This may seem simple but it made a huge difference. It not only helped my transit between terminals but continued to help after my arrival where I traveled a distance by train and then walked for a mile to my final destination.

I highly recommend acquiring an “S”biner for your “Bug-Out-Bag”, “Go-Bag”, or travel gear. It is very versatile and you will be glad it’s there when you need it.

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