Fire by Fire Piston

FIRE PISTON….the most amazing survival fire starting device! With a single push, tinder placed in the end of the piston is ignited by the heat of compression, instantly becoming a glowing ember with no more effort than lighting a match. As a survival device, one of the most compelling aspects of fire pistons is their ability to ignite a variety of natural tinders that can be collected in the woods and fields without special preparation. Some of these tinders having practical value for fire making include true tinder fungus, mullein pith, milkweed pod ovum, milkweed down, cattail fluff, poplar cotton, and wood punk. In addition, cotton charcloth, familiar to flint and steel fire makers works very well in the fire piston and can be made at home.

Survivaltek offers Coco Bolo Fire Pistons for sale for only $60.00. Contact us at for more details.

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One thought on “Fire by Fire Piston

  1. Saw an easy way to make a fire piston with materials from Home Depot. Just a short piece of 1/2 inch copper plumbing and a 1/2 inch copper end cap that can either be epoxied or soldered on to make the body of the piston.

    Then a 1/2 inch wood dowel (which is a little less than 1/2 inch) and a wood drawer knob and rubber o-ring or thread to make the rod.

    The trick to making the rod is to get the groove for the seal (o-ring or thread) of a very even depth. Do this by chucking the rod in a drill to spin the rod and then use a file to “lathe cut” the groove.

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